Ubuntu – Which tool to use for “home banking”


I would like to manage my bank accounts in a secure manner on Ubuntu.

I saw several applications in the Software Centre, but I don't know which one to choose. I don't need fancy features like stock options. I just have regular accounts which I want to follow, I don't want complicated stuff.

As bank data are quite sensitive, I would highly prefer an application that does encryption of the data. Though, if you have a really cool app but it does not have this feature, as long as it offers to store the data in one dedicated place, I could do with encrypting that place.

So what tool do you use that could fit my needs?

Best Answer

Probably the most powerful solution you can use is GnuCash. It's not the easiest to learn, but there is quite a bit of documentation available to teach it, and it has a lot of useful features such as double-entry, hierarchical accounts, and the ability to import from Quicken. The GnuCash developers have specifically stated that they will not take on the responsibility for encryption, as it goes against their philosophy of making a program do one thing well; but they state that they are in full support of using encrypted file systems to store your data.