Ubuntu – Which nvidia driver from additional drivers option should I choose


I have NVIDIA Geforece 7025 / nForce 630a integrated gfx card on my UBUNTU 12.04.And I have 4 options in Additional drivers:

  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173)
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates)(version current updates)
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current)[Recommended]
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates)(version 173 updates)

I am currently using the First option.

My Problem is there I can't update the version 173 to the latest version of drivers using xswat PPA. Whenever I do it and reboot but the NVIDIA xserver sttings always shows me the same version.

Which option would allow me to update my drivers to the current version?

Best Answer

[recommended] is recommended

Generally, recommended is the best course of action.

If you have a specific bug, file a bug.

[recommended] is targeted to work for the largest number of users with recent hardware. It may or may not work for this problem.

I post it as an answer in hopes that someone with minor problems introduced by a post-release driver would at least try the recommended driver instead (e.g. there was an issue for ATI at one point where the post-release driver failed to install and broke everything, but the recommended driver worked mostly).

If it solves your problem, great. If it doesn't, I leave it here as a recommendation for other users to try who insist on edge drivers before trying out the recommended ones. I hope you understand the reasoning.

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