Ubuntu – Which application can I use for a network traffic monitor


Is there a way to see ALL the traffic? from which process with the REAL NAME is accessing to which IP with the REAL NAME at which bitrate?

When I say real name I am referring something like this:

midori@mycomputer  >>> h**p://askubuntu.com/questions/291494/gui-tool-for-monitoring-traffic  ~ 4 kbps / 2 kpbs 

I have a home network with two computer, one is sharing its WiFi connection to a public hotspot and a I'm becoming paranoid because I have seen some huge traffic to a LIGHTWARE NETWORK website.

I have tried, iftop, nethogs, jnettop and none of them have been useful or I was unable to get the information that I want.

Best Answer

I would recommend using ntop for getting a basic,long term overview of network conversations. You can install this by running the following command:

sudo apt-get install ntop

Once installed, go to


to view the traffic conversations to determine what is talking with your machine.

If you really want to dive down into the details of your network traffic, Install wireshark.

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