Ubuntu – Where to troubleshoot wake-up from ‘suspend’



  • HP Elitebook 8440p: NVIDIA Corporation GT218M [NVS 3100M] (rev a2)
  • Ubuntu 16.04

SYMPTOMS of failed wake-up from suspend:

  1. "TV Static"
  2. black screen: suspend invoked by lid-close
  3. white screen: suspend invoked by power button

What test can be done to determine the root cause \ corrective action?

Update: Driver status screenshot

enter image description here

Best Answer

You should start from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging, and more specifically:

Then probably you should submit a bug report. If you get confused or need help on what you did find you may ask here.

  • One thing may worth to try:

    1. Switch to console tty1 using AltCtrlF1
    2. Login & run

      sudo pm-suspend

    If it does suspend, try resume

    1. Press power on
    2. When you are back to tty1, AltCtrlF7 to go back to Desktop (tty7)
  • Second way to try, it works for me in XFCE/Mate 16.04 with nvidia proprietary driver.

    1. After resume, switch to console tty1 using AltCtrlF1
    2. Login
    3. Search for any screen-saver or screen-locker

      ps aux | grep -i -e saver -e locker

      Example: light-locker, xscreensaver ...

    4. Kill them

      sudo kill <PID>
    5. Check again with step 3

      It fine, either they disappear or have different PID's (means they restarted)

    6. Switch back to tty7, AltCtrlF7 to go back to Desktop