Ubuntu One – Where is Ubuntu One’s U1 Server Located


I live in Denmark and am exploring the option of using Ubuntu and Ubuntu One in the Danish state schools.

And in this context, I have looked a little into Danish law on cloud servies and data security.

And I would therefore like to know which countries Ubuntu One's U1 servers are located when I'm accessing my Ubuntu One data from Denmark.

And if they are located in multiple data centers/countries, which security methods are used to secure data transfer between them?

Best Answer

Hostname    one.ubuntu.com
ISP     Canonical Ltd
Continent   Europe
Flag    GB
Country     United Kingdom
Country Code    GB (GBR)
Region  Unknown
Local time*     
08 May 2011 19:17
City    Unknown
atitude     54
IP Address
Longitude   -2 

Reference: Go to http://geo.flagfox.net/ and type in the input field "one.ubuntu.com" and hit "Submit" button.