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I am new to Ubuntu. I have some old hardware lying around so I decided to build a backup/storage device. I am trying to follow this lifehacker article.

It asks me to open a terminal and run sudo apt-get install pysdm. However, I keep getting Unable to locate package pysdm. Does anyone know where my pysdm is or where I can get one. I have run ubuntu from a usb key and have installed it on a hard drive and get the same message.

Best Answer

Avoid using pysdm for now.

It's been removed from the Ubuntu archives for a reason:

please remove Pysdm from Ubuntu repositories. It is obsolete (not updated since June 2006 !!), buggy (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pysdm) , doesn't handle UUIDs (which is now fstab standard in all supported Ubuntu versions !!!) and it has already been removed from Debian repositories.

I would suggest to find an alternative for using in recent Ubuntu releases. Also consider reporting this to LifeHacker.

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