Ubuntu – Where is the 1:1 zoom button in Image Viewer in Ubuntu 16.04


I want to use the 1:1 zoom in Image Viewer (eog). But i can't find the icon (or the option), which used to be there in the 14.04 release. Where is it?

Screenshot of Image Viewer with no menu bar icons

Compare it with this image:

This has the "1" icon which lets me view the image at 100% zoom.

Also, other Ubuntu "stock" applications like Text Editor (gedit), Videos, etc do not have the toolbar buttons. Is this the new look going forward?

Best Answer

Ubuntu 16.04 is based on gnome 3.18. Applications such as eog or gedit (are part of gnome desktop environment) are updated versions and this is modified interface. In eog you can click + and set 1:1 zoom (just move to mark).

If you don't like the way it looks you can downgrade applications to previous versions like this example.

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