Ubuntu – Where is music stored in Rhythmbox


So, Rhythmbox completely broke my ipod and corrupted the music libraries. While I was trying to fix it, I made the mistake of (accidentally) removing all the music via right-click->remove from my library. Now, I didn't send the music to the trash, which I guess means that it's still on my computer somewhere. Where's it at?

EDIT: Absolutely no chance of recovering music from the ipod itself. The songs are either missing or cut in half due to rhythmbox conveniently crashing on sync.

Best Answer

Unfortunately Rhythmbox does not display the source for imported files on the GUI. In case we selected more than a single location "Multiple locations set" will be displayed only:

enter image description here

We can view and change the directories Rhythmbox should monitor for creating the database by running dconf-editor (from dconf-tools Install dconf-tools) where we can browse to org/ gnome/ rhythmbox/ rhythmdb/ locations):

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If this does not reveal the location of our mp3 files we can also perform a search on our file system which can be done with the default file browser Nautilus.

We open the location from where we want to find our files. In case we want to scan the whole filesystem including mounted additional drives we open the location "File System". In the "Search" line on top we give in an expression to be found in a filename, in this case when we search for mp3-files we may enter "mp3". Note that wildcards are not supported:

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Of course we can also perform searches for files from the command line, e.g with the following commands:

cd /home # use cd / for the whole file system
find -H -name *.mp3

The option -H tells find to not follow symbolic links, the option -name is case sensitive. If you have mp3 and MP3 files choose option -iname instead.