Ubuntu – Where can I find the correspondent of “temp” folder in Firefox


If I'm right, if I play a video on Youtube, when I'm using Firefox on a Windows machine, the browser stores the video file in the temp folder. So, theoretically, I should find that video already downloaded in the temp. But I don't know how to find in Linux the correspondent of the "temp" folder. I have tried in the "etc" folder but got nothing useful. Do you have any ideas how to sort this out?

Yesterday I have been playing a video on Youtube all day long, and now I see it's gone "for copyright infringement, blah-blah", but I think the played file should be "hiding" somewhere on my system, only if I could get to it somehow… Can you help me with this?

Best Answer

You can put about:cache in the location bar, it should display where it keeps the "temp" folder.

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