Ubuntu – When will Ubuntu include delta updates


I'm tired of downloading 300mb updates. Windows has done delta updating since XP. It's just silly to download the whole thing if just a few bits of the package change.

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There is nothing on upgrading via deltas. So, no, as of today there seem to be no plans.

Incremental updates have been introduced to apt around the time of the Dapper release (apt 0.6.44). The ubuntu developer community rejected using them because of incompatibilities with their infrastructure.

There is no need to submit it to revu. We are aware of the incremental update feature in apt. The apt--pdiff (1) branch (that the version in debian uses) is not merged for ubuntu (yet) because:

  1. we are late in the release cycle (obviously :)

  2. it needs archive support to generate diff files and a diffIndex

  3. it only works on indexfiles, not packages

  4. its not entirely clear if it is the right solution for ubuntu

–– Michael Vogt on 25th of May 2006

Here is a list of everything that's happening, and going to happen, in 11.04 (excluding what is not publicly tracked).

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