Ubuntu – When is it necessary to reboot an Ubuntu system


Under what circumstances is a reboot of an Ubuntu system necessary? I often read in answers that after changes in the system the system is to be restarted, but is that absolutely necessary?

Best Answer

  • After kernel panic;
  • After partitioning or filesystem modifications (more specifically, resizing root partition; I'd recommend to avoid resizing the hard drive from which you boot in general, regardless of partition; if you are resizing something external, like SD card or USB, no reboots necessary );
  • After kernel upgrade and security patches (although that might not always be necessary);
  • After system became unresponsive for whatever reason, and you've no option but to use magic SYSRQ keys or hard reset
  • After making changes to some dconf schemas , depending on the way application may have been developed. Related answer
  • Your CPU is overheating (you don't wanna keep on roasting those cores, do you ?)
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