Ubuntu – When I resume from suspension – the screen is blank


I use ubuntu 10.04 in HP Pavilion dv4 2165 dx. After putting my computer in suspend, when I open the scree comes very low brightness; even I cannot see anything there, so eventually I press the power button to shut down and start it again. It happens every time. How to solve this problem.

Best Answer

It looks like you're affected by bug #578673 (the key for searching was to search for the model of your video controller: Intel HD Graphics). Make sure you have recommended updates (lucid-updates) checked in the “Updates” tab of the Update Manager settings, and that you have the latest kernel (at least 2.6.32-24.42).

If that doesn't help, read through the comments and see if someone has made a suggestion that might help you. If you can't find anything, report a new bug. Be sure to mention your exact hardware and kernel version and that the fix for bug #578673 didn't help you.

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