Ubuntu – What’s the meaning of version numbering of Ubuntu


What's the meaning of the numbering for different versions? Do they signify something?

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Ubuntu follows a regular 6 month release cycle. The version numbers are formatted in Y.MM (10.04: April, 2010). Every two years there is a Long Term Support (LTS) version release which will be officially supported for two more years.

The last LTS was 12.04, the current LTS is 14.04, and the next LTS is 16.04 - the three releases between these LTS releases culminate into the next LTS, ideally viewed as "6-month baby releases that piecemeal towards the next LTS".


Typically after each non-LTS release a point release is made for the current LTS designed to maintain stability and backport changes keeping an LTS release 'supported' These are denoted as a third version number (12.04.[1-4]).

This chart and more information can be found on the Ubuntu Wiki: LTS article.