openstack – Latest Openstack Version Deployable with Juju


I've been trying to deploy openstack.

I thought Havana was the latest, but deployed nova cloud controller, and the log said 2013-10-24 19:13:25 INFO juju juju-log.go:66 nova-cloud-controller/0: FATAL ERROR: Invalid Cloud Archive release specified: precise-updates/havana.

Is there somewhere to see what the latest Juju deployable (with the standard repositories) version is?

Or am I just using the wrong format when I specify openstack-origin: cloud:precise-updates/havana in the config?

Best Answer

You openstack-origin configuration is not quite correct - try:

openstack-origin: cloud:precise-havana

other valid options include:

cloud:precise-havana/proposed (for testing)

You can find out about the latest OpenStack releases for Ubuntu 12.04 on the Ubuntu wiki

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