Ubuntu – What’s a recommended alternative to Quickbooks pro?


I've just installed Ubuntu to replace Windows. I can't seem to find a good alternative to Quickbooks pro to run on Ubuntu. Any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

There are a variety of alternatives to QuickBooks, if you're looking for a web-based option. Or, as Jackson Doak mentioned, there is GnuCash - open source & desktop. It's a pretty robust accounting software and certainly worth exploring, if you prefer a desktop alternative to QuickBooks.

If you're open to web-based options, then have a look at Wave (completely free), Monchilla or Outright (both free/paid options). QuickBooks does have an online version available and there's Xero also.

It will depend on your accounting needs, as much as your chosen platform. I'm a certified advisor and user of QuickBooks, as well as the web-based software options I listed.

Good luck!