Ubuntu – What terminal emulators are available for heavy terminal users

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I spend a lot of time at the command-line during the workday and at home too since I run Ubuntu exclusively.

I've been using the default gnome terminal but I've reached a point where I'd really like to get my terminal tricked out so that my common tasks are as easy as possible. Specifically, I find that I spend of lot of time browsing code in the terminal and working in config files.

On my wish list would be:

  • Ability to have multiple screens, tabs, windows (I don't have a preference at this point) that I can easily switch between.
  • Color coding for everything
  • Easy to modify the aesthetics of the terminal (is it vain to want my terminal to look nice?) such as transparency, borders, etc.

Best Answer

I personally use gnome-terminal as my terminal emulator. Using gnome-terminal, I run GNU Screen (byobu to be specific) in order to work with multiple windows. You can become really efficient with it. I use GNU Screen because I often have long-lived terminal sessions that I can check on or come back to later.

gnome-terminal running byobu (showing only one window open)

gnome-terminal terminal emulator

You seem more interested in a graphical solution for managing terminal windows. For this, I highly suggest the terminal emulator Terminator, which supports multiple windows without the need for a multiplexer like GNU Screen. You can split it horizontally and vertically as much as you like and there are even tabs. If you just feel like running lots of terminals, Terminator is really good.

Terminator (showing multiple Terminator windows open)

Terminator terminal emulator