Ubuntu – What programming languages should I learn to become an Ubuntu developer?


Although I have used NetBeans once for a project, what languages do I need to learn to become a full-fledged Ubuntu developer?

My project in NetBeans (Java only) was to design a calculator (relatively easy). Moreover, how do we learn to make image viewers, browsers, etc.?

Also, what would be the best language for certain applications?

Best Answer

The answer is simple and not really helpful. Whichever language is needed. Ubuntu is a ton of software, some of it written in C, some C++, some in Python, Perl, bash... and others. You should definitely learn scripting with bash, and you should pick a language like Perl or Python, possibly the latter. Furthermore, learning good old fashioned C never hurt anyone -- you learn more about how programs work, what are libraries, lots of stuff on other tools.

Otherwise -- first find a task, a niche, something that needs to be worked on or something that is missing or something that is just fascinating and you would like to work on it. And then find out what language will be good for that purpose.

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