Ubuntu – What happens after `ubuntu-bug` has done its thing


Until some time ago you ran apport-bug or ubuntu-bug to start reporting a bug. The system would then open launchpad with your account, upload the collected information and let you add more info to the bug report.

Now when I run gksudo ubuntu-bug (for instance with a crash-file as argument) the common bug dialog appears

enter image description here

and thats all.

Where is the report being sent to? Definitely not to launchpad as a bug report (although in the concrete situation people have been able to file a report about that bug).

So: where is this report sent to (and just maybe) how can I still file a bug report from my system (makes uploading of the pertaining files much easier)

Could it be that "the system" decided that this would be a duplicate of an already existing bug?

Best Answer

Technically, ubuntu-bug just logs the crash report locally. A separate program, whoopsie, watches for logged reports and uploads them to a central database, where they're automatically grouped to identify overarching problems.

The resulting data is displayed on the Ubuntu error tracker:

Graph of error reports in Ubuntu

Aggregate trends are publicly available, and report details are available to trusted developers. More details are available on the Ubuntu Wiki.

By default, ubuntu-bug doesn't open bugs on Launchpad for crash reports in stable releases, but you can configure it to if you want. After making that change, you can open a bug for an existing crash report by running ubuntu-bug /var/crash/foo.crash.