Ubuntu – What happend to SMART data (disk selftest option)

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My question is; What happened to SMART data selftest option in Disks/gnome-disk-utility

Any help or tips appreciated.(I want to scan/repair my drive for bad sectors preferably GUI)

here is an image of what I am looking for:
enter image description here

I was told this is a duplicate question. However I was totally lost looking for the "gear icon" This is how mine looks in Kubuntu enter image description here

It might sound silly but I did not make the connection with that "hamburger" being the "gear icon"

Best Answer

Select Dash the first option on the Launcher and type disks. Select the icon that appears.

The disks main screen looks like this:

disks main

Notice the "hamburger" menu in the top right corner. Select it to get a drop down menu where you can select the SMART screen shown below:

disks SMART

If you require further explanation please comment below.

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