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With the switch to GTK+ 3.x, most theme engines no longer work, and I personally only know of 3 (Adwaita, Unico, and Solidity).

What engines are available for use with GTK+ 3.x?

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You have identified most of the engines ported (at the time of writing) to the full gtk3+ API.

In addition, there is 12.04 KDE support for oxygen-gtk3 (or for 11.10 via kubuntu-ppa-backports)

There is also a gtk3-engines-xfce package in Ubuntu 13.10.

Various references on google report that the development of the gtk3-engines package has ceased - not all the engines in the package were fully ported to GTK3+

For reference only: according to the notes of the gtk3-engines package in the ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 - these were attempted to made available BUT don't expect these to work fully on oneiric.

  • Clearlooks, the default GNOME theme, based on Bluecurve;
  • Crux, formerly known as the Eazel engine;
  • High contrast, which is used by some accessibility themes;
  • Industrial, the famous engine from Novell (formerly Ximian);
  • LighthouseBlue, another engine based on Bluecurve;
  • Metal, which gives a metallic look;
  • Mist, a flat and high performance engine;
  • Redmond95, which provides a look similar to that of Windows;
  • ThinIce.
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