Ubuntu – What fast image viewers are available for Ubuntu


What is the fastest / most responsive image viewer?

I'm looking for a program that is responsive and opens large .jpgs fast – progressively and/or by cleverly loading only parts it will render. A 6 MB picture has a resolution of 4000×3000, while my eeePC only has 1024×600, so I won't see a lot of the pixels anyway. Another technique is to cache pictures in the background while I'm viewing the first. A lot of programs on Windows do stuff like that, is there anything you can recommend for an eeePC running Ubuntu?

Context: I recently switched to XFCE to revive my eeePC (as Gnome Shell and Unity are somewhat slow on it). I'm generally satisfied as it runs pretty snappy, and I can get work done on the go. However, I'd like to organize some fotos that I have, and all the image viewers I tried are too slow. For example, Ristretto, XFCE's lean image viewer, takes about a second to open a picture of 1.8 MB (5 seconds for a 6 MB picture), and freezes in that time.

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I'll recommend to you this Simple and Fast image viewer.

As you say that you computer is not a super fast calculator you should look for software with a few functions (the fewest possible), and this software meets this requirement, see the next screen-shoot and you will notice it.


You can install it through the Software-Center.