Ubuntu – What does the term “Extended Partition” mean? Is it safe to use this type of partition


In the image below, what does Extended 103 GB mean?

screenshot of Disk Utility showing a 500 GB drive with two primary & one logical partition

Best Answer

A traditional partition table like yours can have maximum of four primary partition. That means you can't have more than four drive. Concept of extended partition solves this problem.

An extended partition is a special type of partition that can hold multiple logical partitions. It's is like a container/wrapper of all logical partitions. Inside an extended partition you can create many logical partitions (this solves the maximum number of drives limitation).

Primary partitions are generally used for installation of operating systems. However, logical partitions can also be used (for eg. your Ubuntu is installed on an extended partition)

In your hard disk you have three primary partitions :

  • Windows (385GB)
  • Extended partition (where Ubuntu is installed)
  • Recovery partition.

In a word, your partition table is 100% alright. :)