Ubuntu – What does it mean that a package is “set to manually installed?”


When packages are already installed and I run an apt-get install <package-name>, sometimes it will print a line <package-name> is set to manually installed.

What does that mean?

Best Answer

If you install a package, all packages that that package depends upon are also installed. For example if you install the package vlc, it will automatically install vlc-nox. The automatically installed packages (in this case, vlc-nox) are set as "automatically installed" -- if you remove vlc, the package manager will suggest to remove vlc-nox as well (aptitude will do this automatically, if you use apt-get you can remove all automatically installed packages with apt-get autoremove).

Now, if you do apt-get install vlc-nox you will get the message that vlc-nox is now set to "manually installed", i.e. the package manager now thinks that you want that package specifically and not just installed it because vlc needed it. If you remove vlc, vlc-nox will therefore not be automatically removed.

This does not affect updates in any way.