Ubuntu – What desktop environments feature a searchable “Start” menu/launcher


Aside from Unity, KDE and Cinnamon, which of the many desktop environments support incremental search among the start menu items, including not just applications, but recent documents?

That is, which DEs integrate semantic search systems like Synapse (no longer maintained), Kupfer or GNOME Do?

LXDE and XFCE do not, for example, though in XFCE you could press Alt+F2 and click the down arrow to search among installed applications (recent documents aren't added to this menu).

(Ideally, this menu would be activated when the Win/Super key was released, which seems almost impossible to achieve, though Cinnamon does it)

Best Answer

Sounds like Gnome Shell to me. Have a try: http://www.gnome.org/gnome-3/