Ubuntu – What are the default layout settings in gnome-terminal


I want to replace gnome-terminal fully by lxterminal. I've started by changing the default terminal emulator. So I ran sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator, and chose lxterminal. After that, I ran dconf-editor and went to org - gnome - desktop - applications - terminal and changed gnome-terminal to lxterminal and removed the -x in the exec arg part.

The only problem though, is that by default, lxterminal doesn't look like gnome-terminal. What are gnome-terminal's default layout settings? I'm especially looking for the hexadecimal colour codes for both text and background.

Best Answer

The color by default usually uses the system theme so for ambiance can be seen in the theme folder - gtk-2.0/apps/gnome-terminal.rc & or gtk-3.0/apps/gnome-terminal.css depending on ubuntu release


    style "terminal_screen"
    text[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
    base[NORMAL] = "#300a24"

    TerminalScreen::background-darkness = 0.95

gtk-3.0 (current on 12.04 - the color: (text) is white & really should be #ffffff

    /* gnome-terminal */
TerminalScreen {
-TerminalScreen-background-darkness: 0.95;

    background-color: #300a24;

color: #fff;