Ubuntu – What are some good PHP editors?


I'm currently using PhpStorm by Idea JetBrains, but its buggy and I'm really looking for something that will allow me to get work done without too much hassle.

Please limit one IDE/Editor an answer.

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Netbeans is a great IDE with lots of PHP support. I can't even start to name all the features I use but there are a fair amount. Check it out here:

I've used both Eclipse for Java and Netbeans for PHP and I feel Netbeans is a bit stronger for PHP as well as XHTML and CSS. That's my personal preference anyways.

Looking at PHPStorm I assume you're looking for something similar to it, so a full IDE. Netbeans and Eclipse are the closest to that as far as I'm familiar with.

Netbeans has most, if not all, the features that PhpStorm has on that page plus a whole lot more.

Netbeans IDE

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