Ubuntu – Weird pointer+mouse+touchpad functionality in Ubuntu + ASUS X550L


I have an ASUS X550L. When I try to install ubuntu (any version), my touchpad does not work during the installation and mouse also acts weired such that some buttons cannot be clicked with the mouse. However I installed ubuntu using the keyboard. But my cursor periodically moves to left (about 1cm at once). And also the touchpad does not work either.

What's the problem? Can anybody give me a solution? I have never experienced this issue before in any computer.

Thank you.

Best Answer

Just check for the wheel mouse ( Weird that the touchpad is recognized as wheel mouse)

xinput --list

PS/2 Logitech Wheel Mouse id=XX [slave pointer (2)]

if XX is the id number then

xinput --set-prop XX "Device Enabled"  0

Waiting for a fix

Cheers Fuki

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