Ubuntu – way to insert a worksheet directly to Libre Office Writer


In MS Office Word, I can insert a worksheet directly from the Insert tab. Is it also possible in Libre Office 3 Writer, that is to insert a worksheet within the program, without the need to open a spreadsheet application?

The only method that I know is to launch LibreOffice Calc and select the range of cells, then copy and paste it in LibreOffice Writer.

Best Answer

Adding a spreadsheet or any other LibreOffice file is easy using OLE Objects.

Here's How:

  • Go to Insert→Object→OLE Object.
  • You will be presented with this dialogue: Dialogue
  • As you can see at this point, you have two options, to create a new file, or to use an existing file.

Using a new file:

If you choose to create a new file, simply click okay, and you will be presented with a new, embedded file. (See below).

Embedded file

You can edit this as you normally would, without having to open an instance of Calc.

Using an existing file:

If you choose to use an existing file, click on the "Create from file" radio button. This will present you with some slightly different options:

Dialogue Without File Selected

  • You can search for a file to use by using the "Search" button (it brings up a file dialogue where you can choose a file).

    Dialogue With File Selected

  • You can use a local copy of the file by leaving the option "Link to file" unchecked.
    • This provides more flexibility, but takes up more space in your file.
  • If you choose to link to the file:
    • It saves space
    • If you move the file, the link will be broken, so keep this in mind.
    • For best results, keep the files in the same directory.

Otherwise, everything else is the same as "Using a new file".

Example with an actual file:

Editing: Editing an embedded file

Viewing: Viewing