Ubuntu – “waiting for network configuration” Problem


This problem happens sometimes when ubuntu starts up. You can't really boot to the interface sometimes.

Splash Screen with the 5 dots and a message saying:

waiting for network configuration

followed by:

waiting an additional 60 seconds for network configuration

Best Answer

I decided to go the CLI and Alt+Ctrl+F2 approach so YOU ARE FREE to do that while you are logged in to the GUI - Okay, I will write the general steps so feel free to use whatever approach you like.

  1. Edit /etc/network/interfaces:

    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
    1. If you are typing this from LXTerminal while logged in to the GUI then:

      gksudo leafpad /etc/network/interfaces
  2. Remove whatever written there and just keep this:

    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

It is very good idea to keep a backup copy of "interfaces" file just in case so please make sure to save a "interfaces.bak" file before you do anything

  1. Ctrl + O if you are using nano and Ctrl + S (File > Save) if you are using leafpad.

  2. Ctrl + X if you are using nano and Ctrl + Q (File > Quit) if you are using leafpad.

  3. Reboot.

  4. Done.

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