Ubuntu – Volume keys are working in unity but not in xfce4


My volume keys are not working in xfce. When I used them it shows an indication on the screen that the volume is being changed, but the volume is not changing at all (same thing with the mute key).

The weird thing is that when I go from xfce to ubuntu the keys are now working fine.

I don't know if this matters but I have a sound card in my computer.

How can I make the volume keys work in xfce?

Best Answer

This is still broken in 12.10. You can fix it by installing xfce4-mixer and then manually selecting the mixers to control with it - and then going into the xfce4 settings editor and typing in the name of the "active card". The mute button still won't work properly, you can mute but not unmute the sound with it. Everything else works though, including on screen notifications. It's really tricky to get it all working, so I opened a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-mixer/+bug/1085752

In detail, in xfce4-mixer you want it to look something like this:


This should show only the primary volume control of your sound card. You have to choose a sound card at the top and then click "Select Controls..." to add controls. Then in the xfce4-settings-editor you need to set the "active-card" like this:


Under "sound-cards" you'll see a list of every sound card for which you added mixers. You will probably have multiple cards so it might take some trial and error here to find the right one. You need to copy the name of the correct card from "sound-cards" to "active-card" - this will be the mixer which the volume buttons control.