Ubuntu – VLC – much worse video quality than other players (horizontal stripes)


Last few weeks I have noticed much worse video quality in VLC than in other video players (compared to Ubuntu 20.04 preinstalled Video player and mpv media player).
It is latest stable version from Ubuntu store (also tried beta latest beta version, but the problem is the same).
Most noticable are horizontal stripes:


VLC: https://postimg.cc/VJGNRV2j

Video player: https://postimg.cc/cKPLq8xC

What could be the problem? Settings in VLC are default, no changes in system in last times… After new install of vlc I have also deleted .config folder. Horizontal stripes are still visible.

Thank you for help!

I still have the same problem with stripes. For few days the solution from below (to install via terminal, not a snap version) worked, but now it is still the same.
What else could be the problem?

Tnank you for help!

Best Answer

This problem may be related to the snap version of VLC, and the apt version won't have this issue.

Enter the command to install the apt version of VLC.

sudo apt install vlc

And enter the following command to remove the snap version

sudo snap remove vlc

I would suggest not to use snaps or flatpaks for widely available software unless you require the very latest version for some reason. snap is still quite a new technology. They consume more storage space, more bandwidth, and are slow on first startup compared to the the same software installed from apt.

Of course, snaps/flatpak are a great way to get software that is otherwise not available/hard to install, but for common software, they are really not required.

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