Ubuntu – VirtualBox Toolbar is hidden! How to show it


I accidentally hide the main Toolbar from my VirtualBox Manager UI? In my ubuntu 12.04 .

enter image description here
Can anyone let me know the detail steps to display the Toolbar again?
I search the whole blogs but can't figure it out!

Best Answer

To re-enable the Toolbar right-click on the bottom line, then select and tick the Show Toolbar entry on the pop-up menu:

enter image description here

Do not disable both, the toolbar, and the statusbar.

When running Unity desktop the only way to restore them is to manually edit the VirtualBox.xml file located in ~/.config/VirtualBox or ~/.VirtualBox.

Search for the following lines

 <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/Statusbar" value="false"/>
 <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/Toolbar" value="false"/>

to replace "false" with "true".

Please make a backup of this file before you edit it, as all informations on your VMs are stored there as well. No instance of Virtual Box or VirtualBoxManager must run on editing this file because it will be overwritten otherwise.

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