Ubuntu – VirtualBox does not show full screen


I have Ubuntu 10.04 OS and a virtualbox (not the OSE) with windows XP as a guest.

When I choose Full screen in virtualbox the operating system (my guest, windows XP) is still in small screen.

I installed the guest additions. However, if I go to Devices on the Menu, it still shows "Install guest additions" like they were not installed. I can only choose 800×600 and 600×480 resolutions.

I'm using VB 3.2.8.

These are my settings:

Name: windowsxp
OS Type: Windows XP

Base Memory: 512 MB
Processor(s): 1
Boot Order: CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk

Video Memory: 24 MB
3D Acceleration: Enabled
2D Video Acceleration: Enabled
Remote Display Server: Disabled

IDE Controller
  IDE Primary Master: windowsxp.vdi (Normal, 10.00 GB)
  IDE Secondary Master (CD/DVD): VBoxGuestAdditions.iso (32.01 MB)
Floppy Controller
  Floppy Device 0:Empty

Host Driver: PulseAudio
Controller: ICH AC97

Adapter 1: PCnet-FAST III (NAT)

Serial Ports Port 1: COM1, Disconnected

It looks like windows XP is using the VitrualBox Graphics Driver (Device manager > Display adapters : VirtualBox Graphics driver) It just doesn't show in full screen mode..

Best Answer

Gues additions seem to been installed correctly.

Can you give your graphic card 32 Mb of memory. It's the only difference that I see with my setup that does work correctly in fullscreen or seamless.

How to check if video guest additions are installed

Looks like guest additions have not been correctly installed. Check that windows is using Virtualbox Graphics Adapter as it's display driver. If it isn't try to reinstall the guest additions and report back any problem that it displays.

You can check it using the Device Manager on windows. If you are using XP, you can reach it this way:

  • To open Device Manager, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

Other windows version have it placed in another places, but it's always there ;).

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