Ubuntu – Video not working properly on an integrated Intel 82865G card

11.04intel graphics

I hav a fairly old computer… a P4 with hyper threading technology…1.5GB RAM, 64MB onboard graphics… I did a clean installing erasing the old 10.10.

The normal ubuntu mode says that the graphics isn't enough. In ubuntu classic mode, neither of the panels appear and when I take the mouse pointer in that area, it just appears for a moment and disappears.

In ubuntu classic no effects mode, it boots, but the panels are distorted and for the first time in my life, ubuntu HUNG… I'm a huge fan of ubuntu and its ability to work on almost any config but this really upset me… please help… is something wrong with my installation or is it a driver problem?

This is my video card:

"00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)"

its a Intel on board graphics controller

Best Answer

From what I see HERE is, you can try reverting the driver to older version. Also classic desktop should work with 64MB IMHO, but is still really low memory and multimedia like flash and video might have problems.

Maybe there are some legacy intel drivers but in general old hardware is sometimes hard to make it work and is waste of your time because you won't gain much, so if you run out of options you can:

  • buy old nvidia card for 10-15€ (I would check which works good, but most do)
  • put it in and disable intel chip in bios
  • install nvidia restricted drivers
  • have fun with unity :P

regards and good luck!