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I have made a clean installation of Kubuntu 16.04 and played around with the font sizes and other settings (such as the fonts DPI, but I tried resetting it…) to make it more to my liking and everything works fine, except for Viber; It is huge! It takes up pretty much the whole screen and cannot be resized to a smaller window (as the interface itself appears enormous, the letters, everything). Any other program I've used is completely normal…

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Just updated to lastet Viber version and it became huge.

The reason is that 1920x1080 px on 13" screen has dpi of 166, what I have set in my xfce settings. A lot of apps powered with electron or other custom magic treat dpi over 140 as "retina" and double rendering size.

Viber settings screen cannot go UI scaling under 100%, so you can do it manually.

New solution (works for Viber >= v7.0)

Try running Viber from the terminal by specifying the QT_SCALE_FACTOR as follows:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.6 /opt/viber/Viber

As a permanent solution, ensure the following line is in place in the Viber starter shortcut file (.desktop):

Exec=env QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.6 /opt/viber/Viber

The Viber .desktop file is usually located at /usr/share/applications/viber.desktop. A locally editable copy can be placed in ~/local/share/applications/.

Old solution (works for Viber < v7.0)

Install sqlitebrowser from official repo, use it to open ~/.ViberPC/config.db

Go to table CommonSettings and modify Value of ScalingRatio to something under 1.0, I used 0.6.

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