Ubuntu – Usual keyboard shortcuts changed after installing Unity in Ubuntu 18.04


I was using Ubuntu 18.04 with GNOME normally, then I decided to install the Unity.

After that, the keyboard shortcuts have changed or even some of them do nothing.

For example:

CTRL+ALT+T opens a terminal, but it is not working anymore
Inside Terminator terminal I used to use this default shortcut:

CTRL+SHIFT+E but now it opens Emoji Choice menu.

How can I fix it and turn back the default keyboard shortcuts?

P.S.: I did nothing more than just install Unity.


I installed the compiz as shown on this post.

This fixed the media keys that were not working in my keyboard, and I also could fix the keyboard shortcut for opening the terminal.

However, the CTRL+SHIFT+Eis still opening this Emoji Choice menu.

Best Answer

Some of the shortcuts is impossible to change with built-in system settings GUI. Most other system-wide shortcuts could be changed through dconf as described here.

  • Open Terminal (Alt+Ctrl+T by default)
  • sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
  • dconf-editor
  • Navigate to desktop.ibus.panel.emoji hotkey
  • Further toggle Use default value and change the shortcut to [] as in the image below: