Ubuntu – Using a folder on an ntfs partition as /home


I use wubi to install Ubuntu 10.10 on my ntfs partition. So I want to change the home folder to a folder on the ntfs partition. I could keep the personal configuration, software and so on after reinstalling the Ubuntu.

So I use ntfs-config to manage the disk partition, it's mounted when system is startup. And the permission of all files and directories are 777.

Then I modified the /etc/passwd to set the home folder to the folder on the ntfs partition. I can successfully login the account, however it looks like the .bashrc and .profile are not loaded correctly. I can't use the input method(even can't configure ibus), no sound device. However everything works well after changing the home folder back to /home/.

Could anybody give me a hint to make it work? Thanks.

Best Answer

NTFS is not suitable for an home partition, there are certain type of file system objects (character devices, named pipes, etc) which are required for certain services but are not supported on NTFS.

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