Shortcut Keys – How to Use Shift+Insert to Paste in Gnome Terminal


I would like to press Shift+Insert
and have that execute a paste from the clipboard (the thing that Ctrl+C copies to) inside of gnome-terminal.

In 13.10, Shift+Insert pastes from the selection buffer (the thing that selecting text writes to). In Libre Office, Chrome, and Firefox, Shift+Insert pastes from the clipboard. I would thus like to configure gnome-terminal to do the same.

I would not like to use Ctrl+Shift+V. EDIT: I phrased this poorly. I would still like to use Ctrl+Shift+V but I did not want people to post that as a solution. The reason why I would like to use Shift+Insert is because a program I use sends the keys Shift+Insert assuming that it will paste.

Unfortunately, in gnome-terminal there is no setting for this under Edit → Profile Preferences → Compatibility, nor is there under Edit → Keyboard Shortcuts.

The only other related post I can find is:
which I think prefers the opposite of what I prefer and is probably happy now with the change.

Best Answer

There is a simple workaround for what you need.

  1. First you will have to install xdotool Install xdotool.

  2. Then launch the Keyboard configuration gnome-control-center keyboard:
    (Go to Shortcuts → Custom shortcuts)

    enter image description here

  3. Click on "+" and add a name like "Paste into terminal" and the command

    xdotool key --clearmodifiers ctrl+shift+v

    enter image description here

  4. Then choose Shift+Insert as the key binding:

    enter image description here

Because of a bug, you will have to logout and log back in so the shortcut can take effect.