Using Photoshop in VirtualBox – Is It Worth the Hassle?


I've been planning to switch to Ubuntu as my main OS and I'd like to do it now with Precise. I am a web developer and the only app I am tied to in Windows is Photoshop and IE. The grand plan is to install Windows 7 with Photoshop in Virtualbox. The question is, would it be wise to do so? I've never tried it before and I'd like to ask any professional advice.

Best Answer

As I see 12.04 as a tag on your question, I assume you have a good machine box on your hand (some information about this will help to exactly answer your question).


I have a dual-2.3Hz box with 6 GB of RAM (I think at least 2 GB of RAM its important to run good virtualboxs) and:

  1. I made the transition Windows->Ubuntu 11.10 (12.04 not stable yet at this moment) very smoothly, so I really reccomend.
  2. Windows 7 inside a virtualbox runs like a devil. No problem to easy or hard tasks, everything done quickly, no bugs.
  3. You can have a dual-boot configuration if you insist in having Windows 7 at bare metal level(dumb option, IMHO)
  4. With Wine, many applications(including Photoshop) runs smoothly too.

I advice a Ubuntu 11.10 with virtualbox hanging your windows to avoid little bugs in Photoshop with Wine, but maybe doesn't worse the work to set up. Wine rules too. What you have to leave behind is Windows, without fear, and be happy. After 1st tasty(sooo tasty!-), you'll never come back.

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