Ubuntu – “USe Android as a remote” option won’t stay selected in Mythbuntu Control Centre


When I try to connect to my Mythbuntu machine using Mythmote on Android, I get the following error:

IO Except: /192/168.0.4:5456 – Connection refused:

At first I thought it was the same issue as this question, but, I've now discovered a problem on the Mythbuntu side.

When I go into Mythbuntu Control Centre -> Infrared Romotes and Transmitters, it has No Additional Remote Support selected. Despite the fact that I selected Use Android or iOS phone as a remote last time I looked at it.

If I try to select Use Android or iOS phone as a remote, when I hit Apply, it says "No changes found". If I login and out, or reboot, it reverts back to the No Additional Remote Support option.

How do I get my Use Android or iOS phone as a remote option to stick?

Best Answer

Can't say I have the same problem, however it seems similar: On atom box running latest 12.04.1 ubuntu kernel.

When boot up I exit frontend. and then go to control-centre. Open it and select Infrared control and remotes; I select Android and then apply - it says nothing to do (this is OK).

I then leave control-centre in this state (it seems there is a bug as the code to wroite out the selection does not work).

Goto menu and select front-end and wait for start. Select watch and away you go. Mythmote now connects!!!

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