Desktop Background Calendar – Use a Calendar as Desktop Wallpaper


Is it possible to use a calendar as a desktop wallpaper (it could be a simple calendar application pinned to the desktop)?

I am hoping for something looking like this:

Ideally the calendar should sync to Google calendars.

Best Answer

  1. Install dates Install dates

  2. Open Dates

  3. In Calendar > Properties > create new

    enter image description here Provide the link to ical (.ics) calendar; remove https://

  4. install compizconfig-settings-manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager

  5. Open Startup Applications

  6. Add
    Name: Dates; Command: dates; Comment: Dates callendar application

  7. Open CompizConfig Settings Manager

  8. Go to Window Management -> Window Rules

    enter image description here

  9. In Size rules (adjust to your monitor) enter image description here

  10. Go to Window Management -> Place Windows -> Fixed Window Placement

  11. Under Windows with fixed positions (you might want to set Y = 24(task-bar height), to show the menu bar)

    enter image description here

Thank you Kory Wnuk for the inspiration your answer gave me.