Ubuntu – USB Drive won’t mount


I have a Lexar 16GB USB stick and for some reason it won't mount. Ubuntu won't even recognize it.

Info about it…nothing much. I used it once as a Backtrack LiveUSB and tried to use it once as an Ubuntu Studio 12.10 LiveUSB (ended up with a Kernel Panic). So now I am trying to just reformat it (easiest/fastest way to wipe everything off) and just use it as a regular USB drive or maybe use it as a Backtrack LiveUSB again.

Is there any way I can force Ubuntu to recognize it? I know the port works as my USB mouse receiver works fine.

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (old hardware, I'll upgrade soonish) on a Toshiba Satellite A105.


By using this guide I was able to force-mount it, but it still doesn't show up in Places (PCManFM because I use LXDE) like it usually does. Another strange thing, neither does the Windows NTFS partition I set to automount.

It appears that my system has stopped auto-mounting things. The devices show up in their respective /media/deviceHere/ folders, but not under Places in PCManFM


Oh well. However it was, I just had to delete/unmount anything with the name Lexar or External USB in the media folder and it is now recognized! Thanks anyways @manuel.


Never mind, now it has disappeared again. If I want to access the /media/Lexar folder I have to be root and the Windows partition still doesn't show up.


Best Answer

Ok, in a chat we haven't found a reason why PCManFM doesn't automount. So here we create an fstab entry for the stick:

  1. We need to create the folder for the stick and get the device id.
    Open a terminal. The folder can be created via

    sudo mkdir /media/mystick
    In addition I would make the user the owner and give him the right to read/write:
    sudo chown [user]:[group] /media/mystick
    sudo chmod +rw /media/mystick

  2. Now the fstab entry:

    • Install libblkid1 to see device specific information: sudo apt-get install libblkid1
    • Enter sudo blkid and look for the stick. The output could be:
      /dev/sda2: UUID="32a4b76f-246e-486e-8495-31b8a781fb4c" TYPE="swap" 
      /dev/sde1: LABEL="MAXELL" UUID="8D67-D560" TYPE="vfat" 
    • Then we create the fstab entry: sudo gedit /etc/fstab and append the line
      UUID=8D67-D560     /media/mystick   auto    rw,user,auto    0    0
      (and afterwards give a empty new line to avoid warnings): fstab entry

To mount the stick, open a terminal and type

mount /media/mystick
Because of the entry auto it should be mounted automatically if you remove and plug in the stick again.

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