Ubuntu – Upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, unable to access older NAS and samba servers


after upgrading to 20.04, I am now unable to access samba shes on older nas or older samba servers.

I have tried editing the smb.conf, and adding "client min protocol = CORE". This partly fixes the issue and authenticates and lets you view folder inside the share, but then all the files inside appear as folder. I am unable to copy the files out to access, and cannot open them in caja, which I think will be the same in Nautilus.

Other than that I am enjoying 20.04 🙂

thanks in advance


Best Answer

Just for completeness...as I could not read the exact instructions from the posts. If you have a NAS (e.g. FritzBox) that uses SMB1 you can make nautilus/gio downgrade the smb connection with the following commands, if you don't already have a .smb/smb.conf file (like me):

mkdir ~/.smb
echo "[global]" > ~/.smb/smb.conf
echo "client min protocol = CORE" >> ~/.smb/smb.conf

As an alternative for FritzBox users you could possibly upgrade your FritzBox to SMB2/SMB3 using the experimental Fritz!Lab OS. See https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7490/knowledge-base/publication/show/3327_SMB-versions-supported-by-the-FRITZ-Box/

Then you possibly don't need this workaround, but I didn't test that yet.

The bug with the files showing as folders is fixed now in Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) with smblibs package version 4.11.6+dfsg-0ubuntu1.2

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