Ubuntu – Updating http_proxy environment variable


I recently changed my password corresponding to my username for my proxy. Hence I updated the apt.conf and /etc/environment files with my new password. However when I type

echo $http_proxy



which prints all the environment variables, it displays the value with old password. Similarly for socks_proxy, all_proxy.

Any solutions?

Best Answer

You can change the http/https/ftp proxy environmental variables using the following commands:

export http_proxy='http://user:password@prox-server:3128'
export https_proxy='http://user:password@prox-server:3128'
export ftp_proxy='http://user:password@prox-server:3128'

as a one-liner:

export {http,https,ftp}_proxy='http://user:password@prox-server:3128'

These will not persist however, so you may wish to add it to your bashrc.