Ubuntu – (update to 14.04) unity is not loading after I login to the admin profile after upgrade


After upgrading to 14.04 and after the final reboot, I logged in the admin account but unity won't start, I have only the 14.04 background.

No shortcuts work. I can login and use the guest and other accounts on the machine.

I think I might have opted to keep one of the settings that I was asked to select during the upgrade to 14.04.

What other info can I provide?

My chipset is Intel GM45 mobile.

Why does unity on the other accounts (guest, etc) login and work normally?

I have only been using ubuntu since 13.04, so im not that familiar with it. My setup is dual boot with windows 7 on a laptop. Can someone help?

Best Answer

I had a similar problem, I solved it by switching in terminal (CTRL+ALT+F1) then removing the configuration file ~/.config/dconf/user like this :

(! this action will remove your gnome 3 settings !)

sudo service lightdm stop
rm ~/.config/dconf/user
sudo service lightdm start
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