Ubuntu – Unwanted Chinese language got set in system settings


I have made some changes in system settings, following suggestions by some users. However, this morning when I did a reboot I am unable to see English as my default language. My system is showing some Chinese characters which I do not understand.

All I wanted was to use Libre Office for a particular document in Hindi. What happened is that even Gmail is opening in Chinese. The system settings folder and others are also opening in Chinese. I am unable to use the system now.

I have uploaded the snapshots here: please have a look.

Notice that in the third snapshot the calendar and menu are appearing in Chinese.

I want the original US English menus and folder names back. I just wanted to type a document with Lohit Hindi font in Libre Office.

I use Ubuntu 11.10. I do not use Unity, only Gnome desktop. I installed
gnome-session-fallback a long time back and have been using that ever since.

How do I get back to all English submenus and English folder names? I have a US English Keyboard and I use only US English. This thing which is now somehow set is unwanted.

Best Answer

I noticed in files /etc/environment, $HOME/.profile following lines were present:

export LANGUAGE="zh_CN:en"
export LC_MESSAGES="zh_CN.UTF-8"
export LC_CTYPE="zh_CN.UTF-8"
export LC_COLLATE="zh_CN.UTF-8"

and in /etc/default/locale only US English line was present as you can see this snapshot:

I went to those files and deleted these extra lines of Chinese Language now I am able to resolve this problem and things are back on track.

However specially want to mention that gnome-language-selector did not help at all.

Sharing this for future archives hope this solution will help some one in future.