Ubuntu – Unwanted application starts automatically when I login


When I log in to my Ubuntu system several applications that I added to startup list (by using System->Preferences->StartUp Application) start automatically.

Last times I am seeing that among those startup applications there is also another one called "Konqueror" (which is a browser and browse me automatically https://unix.stackexchange.com/users/4458/bakhtiyor) which starts automatically. But I didn't add this application to startup list. I looked for every place that I knew to see why it was loading automatically but I could not find it.

Could anybody help me to find out how that application is starting up automatically when a session starts please?

Note that I don't have root permission in my system, because it is in my working place. I am using Ubuntu Desktop and GNOME.

Thank you.

Best Answer

Go to System>Preferences>Startup apps, then on the Options tab uncheck the "Automatically remember...." checkbox.