Ubuntu – Unreadable desktop text with theme


I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with unity user interface

kernel 4.15.18-041518-generic
gtk amd64 version 3.22

I installed two themes from b00merang: https://b00merang.weebly.com/windows-10.html
-Windows-10 black theme and
-Windows-10 light theme

I have no problem with black theme.
With white theme however, the text of desktop shortcuts/files is unreadable.

Here an example image showing with black theme:

Windows10 dark theme

Here is the problem with white theme:

Windows10 light theme

Both themes were put in ~/.themes/

Best Answer

This answer is only for the mentioned theme in the question, i.e "Windows-10-master" Theme.

in this particular theme, to change the text color of folders on Desktop.

i have saved my themes in /usr/share/themes/ you need to replace /usr/share/themes with ~/.themes in the below example as you saved your themes in ~/.themes/

I have created a nautilus.css file in the folder

made the content in this file as below

.nautilus-desktop.nautilus-canvas-item {
    color: blue; # <--------- here in the place of "blue" you can put any valid color you want

Save the file & Close.

now, Open the file gtk.css in the folder/usr/share/themes/Windows-10-master/gtk-3.20/

add the below line at the end,
@import url("apps/nautilus.css");

after adding this line, last 3 lines should look like this.

@import url("gtk-contained.css");
@import url("apps/gnome-terminal.css");
@import url("apps/nautilus.css");

Save the file & Close.

Reboot to see the change.

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