Ubuntu – “Unknown keyword in configuration file Boot:” error when booting off a live USB


I successfully followed instructions in
to make a bootable usb drive for ubuntu12.04 using the command 'gksudo usb-creator-gtk' in a terminal window – there were no error messages and the final pop message said I can now use the USB drive to successfully boot a system into the latest Ubuntu 12.04

However, on a brand new samsung laptop (NP-300E5Z-A0PIN – a i5 core machine), I get the following message:
SYSLINUX 3.63 Debian-2008-07-15 EBIOS Copyright (c)1994-2008 H Peter Anvin
Unknown keyword in configuration file

It hangs there…

Am I missing out any steps… how do I proceed with the installation…
Many thanks in advance

Best Answer

I found this site, hopefully this will help you. Click Here

Below is the solution from that site:

After creating a USB bootable version of Ubuntu from the Startup Disk Creator (or usb-creator-gtk) and attempting to boot, I was greeted by the error above. It might look a bit scary but it’s really easy to fix, just plug the USB flash drive into a computer (windows or linux, mac too probably but I haven’t tried that.)

Solution 1:

Open the the syslinux folder in the root of the flash drive.
Inside is a file called syslinux.cfg you’ll want to edit that.
Find the line “ui gfxboot bootlogo” and simply remove the “ui “.
Save and try booting again.

Below is how my syslinux.cfg file looks after editing:

# D-I config version 2.0
include menu.cfg
default vesamenu.c32
prompt 0
timeout 50
gfxboot bootlogo

Solution 2

Alternatively it looks as though there is another way of fixing this issue if there is no “ui” in the file, this is to do as followed (as pointed out in the comments below):

Type “help” and press enter
Hit Enter again

This should boot correctly and shouldn’t need to be done every time.

Source: http://alexsleat.co.uk

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