Ubuntu – Unity launcher full – Need more icons


I have already reduced the Unity launcher icons to 32 but still the space is exhausted already with my most-used programs. Basically I have to scroll often in the unity launcher bar with is annoying.

So far (Ubuntu 10.04) I had those icons as mini ones in the top panel (smaller icons and wider space) where they could fit all.

I was thinking already of sub-launchers or something the like but could not find something like the drawer was in Gnome 2.

I am using Ubuntu at home and in the office. I am a consultant and need a lot of stuff on a regular basis. To put links at the desktop does not make sense because of the many windows that I usually have open there is hardly ever a piece of the desktop looking through.

How do you – power users get keep most-used programs at reach (and I mean <= 2 clicks away)?

Best Answer

Disclaimer: I am the original author of this indicator.

The Launcher List Indicator has been developed specifically for the purpose of having more than one set of icons on the Unity launcher and allow easy switching between them.

How does it work

Suppose you want to have a launcher list for home use, another for work apps, another for something else.

enter image description here

Here's the steps:

  1. Start by adding all the icons you want to have in Home profile.

  2. Once you're satisfied with that list, click Save current in the indicator, and you will have a popup dialog appear asking you to name the profile. Click OK, and you will see that profile to be added to the list.

  3. Clear the launcher and repeat the process to add another profile. Very simple, very minimalistic , very easy to use.

Obtaining the Indicator

The simplest method is to download zip archive from the project's github page :


If you have git installed, you can obtain latest version via command

git clone https://github.com/SergKolo/launcher-list-indicator.git 

It is intended to be started as part of Startup Applications upon user login.

It is recommended to keep the app and its icon in the same folder